Blackpool Exhaust and Catalytic Repairs

Does your exhaust rattle?

Can you see damage to the back box?

Is it hanging lower than it should?

Are you concerned about emission levels?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you need to get in touch with Direct Tyre and Auto, the number one experts in diagnosing and fixing exhaust problems in Blackpool.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians will be able to diagnose and fix your exhaust problems, today, right now! Why wait until your entire exhaust system needs replacing? If you act sooner rather than later, problems tend to be much easier and less costly to fix, saving you money!

We also repair and replace catalytic converters to ensure your car emissions are clean and road legal. Why risk a large fine or an MOT Failure? Give us a call on 01253 398640 and get the expert help you need.

All exhausts and catalytic convertors come with a guarantee of up to 3 years and...


Direct Tyre and Auto are highly experienced in repairing exhausts and catalytic in Blackpool. We stock a large range of parts for both car and van exhaust and catalytic systems and we are often able to perform repairs on the spot, saving you time and effort.

Our technicians are fully trained and authorised to check and fit exhaust and catalytic systems and they are experienced enough to spot problems early enough to save you the heartache of massive repair bills down the line.

Catalytic and Exhaust systems are a very important part of your car or van and it ensures that the emissions are safe for people around you and they keep fumes from entering the cabin. The exhaust system also reduces the noise of your vehicle and improves fuel efficiency reducing your running costs.

If you think that you have an issue with your catalytic convertor or exhaust then call today and speak to an expert who can help you out.

We have a fantastic and well earned reputation in the Blackpool area and pride ourselves on the value of referrals from happy customers. If your family or friends have used our services, we are 100‰ sure that they will recommend us for our great prices and honest, quick service. We're located just 5 minutes away from the town centre on Talbot Road and we offer a comfy waiting area with free hot drinks. If you think you have a problem with your Brakes why not give us a call and see how we can help you.

Direct Tyre and Auto are the number one Blackpool Exhaust Repair Firm. We have years of experience fitting and repairing Catalytic convertors in Blackpool. Call us or call in today.

We fit all major brands and offer great deals on all exhausts including Klarius & Bosul.

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